34 watching now Started streaming on 23 Aug 2022 God wants us to build complete trust in Him.

He wants us to put our trust in Him with an undivided heart that is solely focused on Him. He does not desire a heart that is solely concerned with God’s benefits. When we acknowledge God in all of our ways,

He can make our paths straight in a variety of ways. He may seek guidance from other Christians or bring a Scripture text to our attention. As long as we keep our gaze fixed on Him, He may allow His inner calm to flood our hearts and minds. He may allow a series of events to lead to the correct conclusion, and He may take time to straighten our course, or He may direct our path immediately. Christian Inspirational Speech to Encourage You! #motivation #speech #inspiration Donation & Support: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/INRIm…

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